Tashus Vehicle Damage Inspection

Welcome to our vehicle damage reporting system! Ensuring the accurate documentation of any damages found on your vehicle is crucial to maintaining its condition and ensuring a smooth experience for all users. To report damages, please download our Damage Report Form by clicking here. This form is essential for listing any scratches, dents, or issues you identify during your inspections. This process ensures transparency and builds trust with potential renters by accurately documenting your vehicle's condition.


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Download the Form

Click on the provided link to download the Damage Report Form in PDF format.

Print and Inspect

Print the form and conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle, noting any damages.

Listing Damages

Use the form to list and describe all damages found, marking their locations accurately.

Provide Date, Details and Name

Input the inspection date and include pertinent details, including the vehicle's name, concerning any damages identified

Upload the Completed Form

After filling out the form, scan or take a photo and upload it using the platform's 'Damage Reporting' section.