Unlock Exclusive Discounts with Tashus Vouchers

Bonus Incentive for Partners

Ready to boost your bank balance? We're offering an exclusive $1000 Bonus Incentive to all our amazing car owners who share their eligible cars on Tashus before 31/12/23!

Share your vehicle before 31/12/23

  • Vehicle needs to be approved by Tashus upon listing.
  • Partners can list any number of vehicles.

Earn $3000 or more before 31/4/24

  • Earning will be calculated only on rental fees as per day and hours.
  • This Incentive is per vehicle and not per partners.

Get a fantastic $1000 Additional Bonus

  • This Incentive is valid for the first 50 eligible vehicles.
  • It's that simple! Turn your wheels into wealth and make this season extra money

Voucher Promotion for Guests

Unlock Exclusive Discounts with Tashus Vouchers! Explore the city with our state-of-the-art car rental service and enjoy incredible savings on your rides. Tashus Vouchers bring you enticing discounts, making every journey an affordable adventure. Grab your unique codes and experience the convenience of Tashus – where quality meets savings. Your next ride is just a voucher away!

Criteria for Voucher Usage

Validity Period:

Vouchers are valid for [specific duration] from the date of issuance. Ensure your reservation falls within the valid period to avail of the discount.

Eligible Locations:

Valid for Tashus eco-friendly car rental services in Australia. Explore our app or website to view available pickup and drop-off points within Australia.

Applicable Vehicles:

Vouchers apply to select vehicle categories. Check the app or website for eligible vehicles. The discount may not be valid for certain specialized vehicles or during peak periods.

Reservation Requirements:

Vouchers are applicable for reserved rentals only. Input the voucher code during the reservation process to validate the discount.

Usage Limitations:

Vouchers are for single-use per customer unless otherwise specified. The discount cannot be combined with other ongoing promotions or offers.


Vouchers are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash. They are exclusively for the use of the intended recipient.

Cancellation and Refund:

If a reservation is canceled, the discount cannot be reinstated or reused. Refunds will follow standard Tashus Car Rental policies after deduction of the applied discount.

How to Avail Your Exclusive Voucher Today!

Ensure you meet the criteria for your Tashus Car Rental voucher and enjoy discounted rates on your next eco-friendly rental. Follow our user-friendly reservation process to apply your voucher and contribute to a greener Australia hassle-free! For any further queries, contact our customer support team.